Fuel Filters

      The glass bowl filter has been used in all of XKE’s up until the mid V12 range when the switch was made to a metal bowl and a metal cased pleated filter. There are three types of filters used in the glass bowl. The early cars had either a screen or a bunt cake type filter. Both of these had the fuel come into the bowl in the center and filter out through the outside of the screen/filter. The screen gives very little trouble and is easy to clean. The Bunt Cake style is a little harder to tell when it is stopped up. The later replacement filter supplied by Jaguar is a paper pleated filter with a spring on the bottom to hold it into position. The only problem with this filter is that the fuel is still coming into the center of the filter and filtering out into the bowl. The bowl and filter always look clean even when the filter is clogged and won’t pass fuel. The solution is to switch the lines going to the filter so the fuel goes in the out side of the housing. This can be done easily and does not look non original if done carefully.

These are the three style filters used in the Glass bowl housing. The top pleated style is the only one currently available new.

Early 3.8 Setup. Easy to swap and still appear proper.

Early V12 with the hoses swapped. Very few people would notice any change.